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Management training and development

Throughout my HR career, I have found many Managers who have not had any training to support them in effectively managing and supervising people. This is often where problems can happen, as people issues do not get dealt with and can escalate more formally than necessary.

Offering management training and development will support your people throughout their management careers. My management training sessions are aimed at being informative and interactive, with plenty of discussion and scenarios to talk about what we’re learning.

Employment law is also an ever-changing topic, so keeping your managers updated is the best way to ensure they have the most current information available to them.

Popular courses have included the following topics

  • Introduction to employment law
  • Appraisals and objective setting
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Introduction to employee relations (disciplinary, grievance, sickness absence, performance management)
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Introduction to Recruitment
  • Creating an employee wellbeing strategy
  • Creating a People strategy

I’m happy to discuss your requirements and I can design bespoke courses for you.

Management training and development courses are generally 2-3 hours (plus planning time)
and are charged at a fixed price of £475.00 per session.

Feedback on my management training and development courses

“If I’m being honest, I went into the management training and development session not too sure if it would have much value, but Pip is really good and explains things in a way I like. She doesn’t patronise or overly simplify, she’s quite matter-of-fact, she expects to be talking with management professionals and treats you as such. I’ve got some solid takeaways which is great!”

Occupational Health Provider

“Just joined a lunchtime webinar regarding creating an effective People Strategy. Pip brought up some great areas to reflect on which can help businesses to create a strategy to have employee needs in the heart of the business.”

Cambridge Network Webinar Attendee

“Thank you for the training today, I found it really useful and I have taken lots of notes.”

Manager, Charity

“I just wanted to say well done and thanks for a brilliant session. One of the best on employee wellbeing that I have attended.”

Cambridge Network Webinar Attendee

Management training and development

For more information on employment law, here are some useful resources: ACAS